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What is Sections?

A section community is made up of people who connect weekly by sitting in the same section of the auditorium when they come to church. Being the large church that Livingway is, it can be very difficult to meet other people and get connected to our church, so Sections is a mid-size group of people that helps to make our large church feel smaller.

Each of our sections is led by a Section Pastor who acts as a "pastor" for their section. A diagram is shown above illustrating the arrangement of the sections within our auditorium. Below is a small introduction to the leaders of each section.

For information on Sections and why we as a church have chosen to use them, click here.

Meet Your Section Leaders


Section 1

Chris and Shelly are one of LIVINGWAY’s finest and most loyal young couples. They have two boys, Austin and Tyler, and have recently been blessed with a new granddaughter Macie.

Chris is the Chief of Police in Westlake and has been in law enforcement since 2001. Shelly is the owner of Maid 2 Kleen and also the owner of Hazel’s Modest Apparel. They enjoy spending time with their family, spoiling their new granddaughter, attending sporting events, and serving their community.

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Section 3

After being a single mom for 16 years and never married, Andrea waited and trusted that the Lord would send her a prince charming. God answered that prayer. Wesley and Andrea finally met. Sparks flew, and the two were married. After three years of marriage, they have a beautiful family of four children: Brooklynn, Austin, Julian and Presley. Wesley works for the Department of Energy and Andrea oversees their small business: Mount Rental Enterprises. When they aren’t working, they enjoy fishing, working in the garden, writing, and photography. They both have been faithful members and spiritual leaders of LIVINGWAY for over a decade.

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Section 4

Kendall and Mindy Chaisson, pronounced (sha-sawn), are LIVINGWAY’s cajun sweethearts. They’ve attended LIVINGWAY for nearly 20 years and have been happily married for 15 years. Kendall and Mindy are co-owners in several industrial businesses. In their free time, they are either on their farm playing with their animals, shopping, playing golf, or spending time with their five children: Caleb, Bruce, Trevor, Nadine, and Seth.

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Section 5

Eddie and Rachel have been married for 27 years and have two fantastic young adults, Gabriel and Autumn. Eddie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice, and Rachel is an author and home business owner. Between these two love birds, they enjoy football, golf, reading, nature, traveling, spending time with family, and sampling new foods… sometimes off one another's plates. They have attended LIVINGWAY for almost 30 years.

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